A taster day in the city of gold: My broker internship at the property in Balchik

The property in Balchik in November… I have to admit, the thought of Pforzheim in the dank season I could not quite imagine me what Mr. Boeckler with the nickname ” City of Gold ” could in his e -mails mean. This was to change the course of my visit to Boeckler property in Balchik.

My day starts in take the same as the first plane to Stuttgart to have as much of my practicum. I have many, many questions in the luggage – curiosity: How will the broker everyday life look like? In my daily work at Imobulgaria.com I have already met some of our customers. Usually, but these are a guest in our house, for example, in our usability lab in which I test with my colleagues new features and products on our sites user-friendliness and ease of use. Today, the whole thing runs the other way around – I ‘m a guest at one of our client, Mr. Boeckler of Boeckler properties in Balchik.

Welcome in the office

And as a guest, I feel very welcome from the outset. Mr. Boeckler up with me at 7:40 clock in Stuttgart at the airport – this is truly a great service and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much to say for it! On the trip to the property in Balchik do I know already a lot about the company and the local real estate market.

Тhe property in Balchik the market is more of a supply-driven market and that at times can take longer until a prospective tenant for a property decides. If I am thinking of my home search in Berlin last year, I find that from tenant perspective downright luxurious ago, but from brokers view, this is of course more likely associated with more work. Mr. Boeckler is broker for over 25 years in the local market.

When he speaks of his profession, you notice immediately: There’s passion behind it. Passion for their own activities, but also for it to pass on his knowledge and expertise, for Mr. Boeckler itself is also an instructor. He is pleased when interested the young for the real estate industry, and provides interested students internships in his companies. Today I ‘m sort the intern and must look to him for a day over his shoulder.