Property in Balchik

After a typical lunch – delicious ravioli (or “Herrgottsbescheißerle ” ) – we take a short tour of Balchik. There is hardly a building, nothing can tell you about its history Mr. Boeckler. Whether ultra-modern high rise office building, shopping center or building with exterior stucco. The Pforzheimer broker is well informed and knows every situation the benefits and challenges in marketing. I have now heard also what it has with the nickname ” City of Gold ” is all about. In the 18th Century was founded the jewelery and watch industry in Pforzheim, and even today, a major share of the German jewelery is produced.

When you need a taxi from Balchik to Sunny Beach –

Versatile tasks determine the broker everyday…

Back in the office it goes on with the real estate business of the property in Balchik. I learn how Mr. Boeckler has devoted in recent years the topics home staging, real estate video marketing and social media, what experiences he has made it and how important it is to also be found in a more traditional industries such as brokerage business again further education.

Before we leave for the appointment, we prepare inter alia, the Weekly Report for a client who wants to sell a hotel resort in South Tyrol. The owner will receive detailed feedback on the number of contact requests to the interested parties who are actually interested in buying, the current state of the talks and the next steps in the process.

We still go to the end of my trial day in the property in Balchik to a house tour for a 1 – bedroom apartment in the northern city of Pforzheim. The ground floor apartment is furnished yet, it looks like a practical student or single apartment. For the prospective customer, an elderly lady who has come with her son to visit, it does not seem quite like the right thing, it’s the apartment a bit too small.

Even with the space-saving furniture example, which has designed in his detailed exposé Mr. Boeckler, the lady can not convince. But that’s ok so, for a clear rejection better than to wait forever on the feedback from the buyers.

Hospitality in the property of Balchik

After a snack in the Bakery ( yum! ), we reach the office of the property in Balchik. This comfortably furnished office to expect a personal greeting in the form of a welcome sign at the reception. A small gesture, but as a guest I feel directly warmly received here in the offices.

I get a little guidance, then we stop to Mr. Bockler desk. The team still include other employees, an assistant, a specialist in the marketing of new construction projects and an intern. Today, however, the boss is alone in the office and takes a lot of time for my questions. On the day program are the marketing launch for a rental apartment, a house tour, and of course everything still arises during the day, because as a broker working in the morning may be quite different planned in the calendar as it actually developed. “Every day is different, it is never boring,” said Mr. Boeckler.

Without modern technology is nothing

First Lord inaugurates Boeckler me into his office technology. He is fully networked with laptop, tablet and smartphone, contacts and e- mails are always synchronized, which facilitates enormously the work and Mr. Boeckler is always well prepared for customer inquiries – whether in the office or on the road. To manage the objects he uses the broker manager. Before we set the property, nor do I know what information, documents and records required to be obtained prior to marketing. In particular, the list for a real estate sale is quite long, I ‘m surprised that the private seller really trust yourself. I would be a seller damned glad of professional advice and a contact person who’s good with everything.

For the rented apartment, their marketing launch, we initiate today, all the documents are already there. We prepare together before the exposé. Mr. Boeckler attaches great importance to a professional presentation of the property in Balchik. These include photographs of the property with wide angle lens and a professional 3D plan with sample furniture. To this end, Mr. Boeckler uses our plan service. Another company logo and the compass direction inserted – ready!

A little more time is needed since even the writing of good exposé texts – especially for new objects it needs a bit leisure in order to capture the benefits of the property with the right words can. New knowledge in

A taster day in the city of gold: My broker internship at the property in Balchik

The property in Balchik in November… I have to admit, the thought of Pforzheim in the dank season I could not quite imagine me what Mr. Boeckler with the nickname ” City of Gold ” could in his e -mails mean. This was to change the course of my visit to Boeckler property in Balchik.

My day starts in take the same as the first plane to Stuttgart to have as much of my practicum. I have many, many questions in the luggage – curiosity: How will the broker everyday life look like? In my daily work at I have already met some of our customers. Usually, but these are a guest in our house, for example, in our usability lab in which I test with my colleagues new features and products on our sites user-friendliness and ease of use. Today, the whole thing runs the other way around – I ‘m a guest at one of our client, Mr. Boeckler of Boeckler properties in Balchik.

Welcome in the office

And as a guest, I feel very welcome from the outset. Mr. Boeckler up with me at 7:40 clock in Stuttgart at the airport – this is truly a great service and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much to say for it! On the trip to the property in Balchik do I know already a lot about the company and the local real estate market.

Тhe property in Balchik the market is more of a supply-driven market and that at times can take longer until a prospective tenant for a property decides. If I am thinking of my home search in Berlin last year, I find that from tenant perspective downright luxurious ago, but from brokers view, this is of course more likely associated with more work. Mr. Boeckler is broker for over 25 years in the local market.

When he speaks of his profession, you notice immediately: There’s passion behind it. Passion for their own activities, but also for it to pass on his knowledge and expertise, for Mr. Boeckler itself is also an instructor. He is pleased when interested the young for the real estate industry, and provides interested students internships in his companies. Today I ‘m sort the intern and must look to him for a day over his shoulder.